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Hunza Veda Club Macedonia is the exclusive agent and importer of Hunza oil from Pakistan, more precisely the Kingdom of Hunza in the Himalayas.
Only in Sanskrit and in the Macedonian language VEDA means the same: Knowledge, Wisdom, See, Introduction, Introduction … into something new. In essence, in our case, an introduction to something very old, ancient and precious…
Because the need imposed itself in order to exchange experiences among the users of Hunza golden drops. Our circle grows and expands every day, and with it we as Hunza Veda Club…
The business stability of the company is not only due to well-established and proven organizational directions, but also the way our team works and care for clients …
The founder and owner of the Hunza Veda Club, Marina Dojčinovska, went to the Himalayas for the first time in 2005, where she visited the Hunza and was warmly received by the royal family. Since then, strong and unbreakable ties have lasted between them, which were crowned by the Decree in which the king appointed Marina Dojčinovska as the honorary princess Hunza.